Uttarakhand Outreach Program

Talla Ramgarh village has 450 families with 2,300 population. It is a valley located in the Himalayan range. There is only one bus up and down per day.

Two teams worked on this programme.

They worked with the four private schools with 400 students.

The ADCERRA team started its one month programme on May 2014 with 2 teams with one volunteer dentist. They conducted oral health education programme, dental check-ups and performed basic preventive treatment.

The teams mainly worked at the schools, doing scaling, sealants and ART fillings (Atraumatic Restorative Treatment).

The other team was mainly working in a simple clinic, where the students were sent from the schools in groups to be treated by the dentist.

The statistics from the checkups and treatment revealed that 95% of children suffer from extensive dental problems.

For example, many children have lost their first permanent molars at the age of 10 to13 years. The purpose of the programme was to create oral health awareness and to provide treatment for the children.