Come intern with us and change your life as a dentist!



Did you know you could volunteer with ADCERRA?

The Auroville Dental Centre offers a volunteering training program that allows dentists to learn about the use of (0) ZERO Concept in dentistry. While working in the field with us you will gain some real experience and a precious understanding of one of the most revolutionary health concepts of our time.

You will learn how to practice this new way of providing dental care as well as oral and global health to children and families.

This training will allow you to understand the core idea behind (0) ZERO Concept, an idea of well being for both the patient and the practitioner.

The dentists will be trained for two days, before going right in the field, ready to exercise!

You will stay in Auroville, the city of Dawn, a dynamic international township where you will be able to attend different cultural and manual workshops while roaming this everlasting growing city, meeting different people every day and making friends for life.

Internship for rural schools: 2 days training on pd/0 Concept and 4 days at school
A short training of 2 days allows dentists to experience pd/0 Concept in oral care) before treating school children in rural conditions by using the tables instead of dental chairs and keeping a straight back without stress.

Introduction to 0 Concept: what it is?
Health 0-9 test with 10 objects related to oral care
Introduction of few global terms
Exercises of proprioceptive derivation in open space and Sim mouth
Exercises on Sim head for scaling, sealant and “ART” Technique

The trainees will be asked to pay a symbolic fee and commit for a minimum of 6 months.


We are looking for NGOs and private donors for financial support and to expand our action all over India.