For every 5€ or dollar you give, 2 children can be treated and educated about health for a year.

At ADCERRA, we believe that it’s not the amount that counts but the connection you make with our project, with the workers, with each child.

What you can give will allow us to buy new equipment, pay our Health Workers, and provide global health-care for about 20,000 children in India.

How can you donate?

Instructions for Foreign Inward Remittance

Make sure you give all this information to your bank for a swift transfer to Auroville Unity Fund.

Bank Name: State Bank of India
Branch Code: 03160
A/C Holder: Auroville Unity Fund Foreign
A/c Number: 10237876508
Beneficiary: Auroville Unity Fund
Purpose: Please mention the project/activity name clearly

Postal address: Auroville International Township Branch
Main Road Auroville
Auroville 605 101
Tamil Nadu-INDIA
Ph. 0413 2622137

**In case of cheque or draft please make payable to “Auroville Unity Fund”.

Tax Exemption

Indian citizens and other tax assessees who require a tax exemption receipt under section 80G or section 35.1.ii or 35.1.iii  are advised to make a donation by clearly earmarking the project of their choice and indicating that they wish to avail the exemption.

Donations made directly to Auroville from abroad do not qualify for tax exemption in the home country. If you require a tax exemption you are advised to route your donation to Auroville via the Auroville International Centre (AVI) in your respective country.

You can also donate to us via the established Auroville International Centres: